Deviant Records presents:
Cosmic Church (First Gig outside Finland)
Blood Red Fog (First Gig in Germany)
Shroud of Satan

Date: 21.11.2015
Location: NekroWerk Klub Nordhausen
Industrieweg 11, 99734 Nordhausen

Das Konzert wird in den NekroWerk Klub in Nordhausen verlegt: Industrieweg 11, 99734 Nordhausen

Der aktuelle Besitzerwechsel und die Umbaumaßnahmen lassen es nicht mehr zu, das Konzert auf die geplante Weise im "Lindenhof" Ellrich durchzuführen. Wir haben uns daher für eine Verlegung als beste Lösung für Bands, Besucher und Veranstalter entschieden. Wir freuen uns, hierfür mit dem nur wenige Kilometer von Ellrich entfernten NekroWerk in Nordhausen einen sehr geeigneten Club gefunden zu haben. Für OpenEnd-Aftershowparty samt P36 Cuba Bar ist bereits gesorgt.

Weitere Neuigkeiten: COSMIC CHURCH / BLOOD RED FOG / SHROUD OF SATAN special split 12"LP
Darüber hinaus sind wir stolz, "Beyond the Mirror of Worlds" mit einer exklusiven Vinyl-Veröffentlichung begleiten zu können. Drei der vier Bands war es möglich, unveröffentlichtes Material für eine einseitig bespielte 12" zur Verfügung zu stellen: Der COSMIC CHURCH-Titel hat eine Spielzeit von über 7 Minuten und wurde ursprünglich für eine geplante Split mit Nartvind aus Belgien aufgenommen. Der BLOOD RED FOG-Song stammt aus dem Jahr 2015 und ist die Vertonung eines Gedichtes des finnischen Schriftstellers & Nietzsche-Übersetzers Aarni Kouta (1884 - 1924). Zudem sind SHROUD OF SATAN mit einem Stück vertreten, das im Rahmen der Arbeiten an ihrem kommenden Debütalbum "At the Behest of Time" entstand und aufgenommen wurde. Das gesamte Material ist exklusiv und unveröffentlicht. Es wird in Form einer einseitig bespielten 180g 12"LP mit gatefold-artigem Fold-Out-Cover erscheinen und in Nordhausen verfügbar sein.

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The new location for this event will be the NekroWerk Klub in Nordhausen: Industrieweg 11, 99734 Nordhausen, Germany

The recent change of the private owner of the club and reconstructions of the location affect our preparations in a way that won't allow us to execute this happening as planned. Instead of making compromises in quality we prefer to change the location and are glad to have found a new home in the NekroWerk Klub in Nordhausen, only a few kilometres from the original venue. We are sure the new location will provide the best solution for everyone involved, maintaining all of the infamous "Hellrich" conditions, like open end aftershow and P36 cuba bar, of course.

ceterae novitates tenebrarum: COSMIC CHURCH / BLOOD RED FOG / SHROUD OF SATAN special split 12"LP
We are furthermore proud to accompany "Beyond the Mirror of Worlds" with a special vinyl split release, gathering three out of the four bands whose paths will cross and culminate at this night: COSMIC CHURCH’s track, clocking in at over seven minutes, was initially recorded for a split release with Belgian Nartvind that never materialized. BLOOD RED FOG’s song was recorded in 2015 and lyrically adapts a poem by Finnish writer and Nietzsche translator Aarni Kouta (1884 – 1924). Ultimately SHROUD OF SATAN present a track out of the recording sessions for their upcoming debut album "At the Behest of Time". This exclusive material is eternalized on a single-sided 180g 12"LP including a gatefold-like fold-out-cover and will be available at the gig.


> > > OUT NOW on Deviant Records < < <

Pantheon of Blood - Tetrasomia 12" MLP

Deviant Records is proud to unleash Finnish PANTHEON OF BLOOD's "Tetrasomnia" on black wax.
Those four tracks represent the epitome of this band's distinctive, haunting Black Metal sound. Its trademark energetic tension
stems from a threatening ambiguity: violent, dirty and aggressive yet filled with sublime majesty.
A captivating obscurity strangely familiar yet impossible to grasp. Thoroughly traditional but marked by an impassionate spirit of untouched devotion.

- 12" MLP on Black Vinyl
- Limited to 300 copies
- includes lyric sheet

order at: Pantheon of Blood - Tetrasomia


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Thorybos - Raging Boars and Temple Whores EP

Once again dwelling in the dark feces of the ancients, German THORYBOS evoke nasty violence and repulsion in the shape of three exclusive songs:
Side A compiles an own and a cover song, both recorded some years ago for a barbarous VON worship split 7"
that never materialized. Side B presents one filthy, heavily doom ridden pile of black mud.

This 7” comes in angry zero-fucks-given DIY outfit, including handstamped inner labels, a poster and other garbage,
plus a CDR called "Bareknuckle Blasphemy" with some useless demo and live shit.
It will be released and sold at Under the Black Sun festival (02. - 04.07.15) and is limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
You will find it at the Folter Records merch table. Remaining copies will be sold afterwards via Deviant Records online shop.

order at: ORDER Thorybos EP


The ticket presale for the Deviant Records concert Beyond the Mirror of Worlds has startet!

Beyond the Mirror of Worlds


OUT NOW on Deviant Records

Blood Red Fog / Cosmic Church - Split DLP

Emerging from the clandestine Finnish underground, two inheritors of the cult unite to make the world a darker place to dwell...

Through numerous disclosures since its inception the BLOOD RED FOG holds a distinctive stoic bitterness, persistently wandering towards an enigmatic vortex of inevitable twilight. A pale and lugubrious majesty, channeling into the sublime gravity of desperation.
COSMIC CHURCH's highly acclaimed 2013-opus "Ylistys" explored the atmospheric capabilities of the genre with unrivaled intensity. Their contribution "Mysteeriverhoon kietoutunut" in its whole 21 minutes of sombre abrasiveness captures a transcendent journey on cold untrodden paths.

Originally released as a 4-track-CD, the vinyl edition expands the experience by no less than four bonus songs. Whereas each band spawns an exclusive extra track, two additional songs are crafted in cooperation, making this split release a true collaboration in its actual sense.
Deviant Records is proud to present this gem of obscure Finnish Black Metal as limited Gatefold DLP.

  • Gatefold with 9mm spine
  • DLP on 180g vinyl
  • Limited to 500 units (100 Black/Red Splatter / 400 Black)
  • includes 4 Bonussongs


Order at:

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Deviant Records present:
Beyond the Mirror of Worlds
Cosmic Church / Blood Red Fog / Nawaharjan / Shroud of Satan
Date: 21.11.2015
Location: Lindenhof / Ellrich (Germany)



Deviant Records and Wolfsgrimm Records presents:

Steingrab - Äon CD

  • Remastered CD Edition
  • includes 1 Bonustrack
  • 8-sided Booklet with Lyrics

Steingrab - Logo Patch

  • embroidered logo Patch

Steingrab - Äon CD 10,00 € (excl. shipping)
Steingrab - Logo Patch 4,00 € (excl. shipping)
Steingrab CD + Patch 13,00 € postpaid Germany / 15,00 € postpaid world

Order at:

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Upcoming on Deviant Records:
Blood Red Fog / Cosmic Church - Split DLP

Deviant Records present:
Beyond the Mirror of Worlds
Cosmic Church / Blood Red Fog / Shroud of Satan + TBA
Date: 21.11.2015
Location: Lindenhof / Ellrich (Germany)



Deviant Records in collaboration with Autarcie and Dernier Bastion:

Autarcie - Groupuscule HWS

  • limited to 35 copies
  • available sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
  • GILDAN Heavy Blend Hooded Sweat
  • 38,00 €



Out now:

Primigenium - As Eternal as the Night MCD

  • official rerelease of the first Primigenium demo from 1994
  • includes the bonus tracks from the Wild Rags edition from 1996
  • no remastering or any other changes of the music/sound
  • 4 songs/16min playtime
  • pro pressed CD, first run 500 copies
  • 4 pages booklet with liner notes, lyrics and a collection of old pictures
  • this release stands for the first step of the "nocturnal legacy" series, more information here
  • order here


Out now:

DEV032 Steingrab - Äon LP

  • vinyl only release of the first full length of Steingrab
  • regular LP jacket, poster, 8 tracks, 40min playtime, limited edition of 166 handnumbered copies
  • split release with Wolfsgrimm Records
  • check out samples here, order here


out now:

DEV031 Primigenium - Faith Through Anguish LP

  • third album of one of the oldest black metal bands which are still around
  • limited vinyl edition of 300 copies, 100 copies in white vinyl
  • incl. lyric sheet and A2 poster

DEVSHIRT002 Primigenium - Faith Through Anguish T Shirt

  • black print on dark grey shirts
  • 50 copies made
  • sizes: S-XXL


after more then 2 years deviant records is back with three new releases:

DEV029 Nefarious - The Universal Wrath LP

  • limited vinyl edition of the first album of Nefarious (hun) known from the 7" on Kunsthall and the split 7" with Horna
  • 300 copies, 100 copies in red vinyl
  • includes A2 poster

DEV030 Blood Red Fog - Death Cult LP

  • vinyl edition of the so far strongest Blood Red Fog recordings
  • 300 copies, 100 copies in red vinyl
  • includes A2 poster and lyric sheet

DEVSHIRT001 Blood Red Fog - Death Cult T Shirt

  • white print on black shirt, one sided
  • 50 copies made, sizes S-XXL (only few copies in S or XXL, most copies M-XL)
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