- Beyond the Mirror of Worlds pt. II -
05/05/2018 at NekroWerk Klub, Nordhausen

After the memorable first edition featuring Cosmic Church, Blood Red Fog,
Nawaharjan & Shroud of Satan, it is time to once again dwell in morbid
darkness and worship the Black Metal cult in the most direct, ritualistic &
sacrificial form given.

Black Cilice (Portugal)
Kuilu (Finland)
Häxenzijrkell (Germany)
Nahtrunar (Austria)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/382243632195616

Tickets available now! Feel free to pre-order your BtMoW II ticket for 20,- eur incl. postage from either Deviant Records or Amor Fati's online shop.

Order at Deviant Records Shop: BTMOW II Ticket

Beyond the Mirror of Worlds II



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